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Section Four Play

I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to write about soon as the southern states scuttlebutt to ruin every ounce of progress the nation has made when it comes to voting rights just hours after the Supremes have decided racism doesn’t exist anymore. In states like Texas, that has had more than its fair share redistricting craziness, (along with constant lawmaking shenanigans), we already have seen what a disaster it can be.  And it’s just going to get worse. From NPR:

“It looks like Congress’ last reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act in 2006,” said an audibly frustrated Nina Perales, civil rights litigator with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. “Look at the Congressional Record.”

Perales told me Congress proved with 15,000 pages of documentation in 2006 that discrimination was still happening in the jurisdictions the coverage formula designated for pre-clearance. In other words: No need to fix what isn’t broken. Perales said every redistricting attempt in Texas (a state that was subject to pre-clearance) over the past five decades has been deemed discriminatory toward Latino voters. Perales had to rush off the phone because shortly after the SCOTUS ruling, Texas’ attorney general announced that the Lone Star State’s controversial voter ID law would take effect immediately. “Now we’re in meetings, figuring out how to respond to that!” she said.

Get ready for more of this, and don’t say you haven’t been warned:—lou-dobbs-extended-interview-pt–2

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Stewart: …Here’s the thing: here’s what I believe it is. It’s funny: when you criticize multi-millionaires — and I’m one of ‘em, and God bless me — but when you criticize that, they say that that is somehow “anti-capitalist,” and I think what you’re […] criticizing is [not] capitalism, what you’re criticizing is the idea that there’s almost like a wealth incumbency in this country. Let’s look at it in the way that incumbents get to Washington and then change the rules around to make it so that they get to stay in Washington as Congresspeople and Senators. I think the idea in the country is, very wealthy people have gerrymandered certain districts to create a wealth incumbency. Is that attacking capitalism, or is that attacking a perversion of capitalism?

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How much did Forbes get paid to publish this?

Because the article below, my friends, is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read:

Love him or hate him, Glenn Beck has transcended television and proven that with a big enough personality you can outplay big media. After leaving Fox in 2011, Beck cracked the Internet content puzzle and managed to make money with his website The Blaze, where subscribers are willing to pay $100 per year for his online videos. The $90 million he raked in this year earned him the number 34 spot on FORBES’ Celebrity 100.

“The secret is can you have more than 15 minutes of fame,” Beck says. He should know. Next up for the conservative commentator is his own cable network with Dish, and there are plans to venture into movies, as well scripted television. But Beck swears his company won’t become “what we’ve just left.”


Annnnnd, We’re Off!

I suppose this is my first post on my brand-new blog.

While the intention of it is to be about quite a lot of things, it likely will center around news and politics.

That said:

I have quite a lot of respect for journalists and professionals of all kinds, but NO ONE is perfect and it is the best thing for everybody to remain skeptical. So, while a current debate rages over who’s a hero or villain, I say, “I’m with Carlin.”