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POTUS who signed FISA into law supposedly decries fall of democracy

Hi Y’all.

If anybody can tell me what “Atlantik-Brücke” in Atlanta, Georgia is, I’d be really grateful.

I’ve googled in German and English.  I’ve searched for events and locations.  I’ve had a peek at the Carter Center’s website and events and cannot find ONE SINGLE CORROBORATING REFERENCE that lines up with this statement … and I mean not ONE:

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was in the wake of the NSA Spähskandals criticized the American political system. “America has no functioning democracy,” Carter said Tuesday at a meeting of the “Atlantic Bridge” in Atlanta.

I’m a pretty damn good sleuth and I can find nothing.  What I did find Jimmy Carter speaking about in Atlanta that same week was something quite important, however.

Former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday that unchecked political contributions are “legal bribery of candidates” and denounced a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that made possible unlimited spending by outside groups, including corporations and labor unions.

“It’s accepted fact,” Carter said during a speech in Atlanta. “It’s legal bribery of candidates. And that repayment may be in the form of an ambassadorship to someone who has raised three or four hundred thousand dollars to help a candidate get elected.”

the story continues: Carter said that while elections in the United States once set an example for the world, the country’s reputation diminished in 2000 when the U.S. Supreme Court intervened in a Florida vote recount, effectively deciding the election in favor of Republican George W. Bush. He also criticized GOP-led state legislatures for changing polling hours in ways that Carter said were meant to frustrate likely Democratic voters.

So, while that’s a really interesting bit of news … I’d really like a clarification from Der Spiegel and would really like to know why not another single news outlet is reporting on it.  And now, because everybody and their Mamma is copying and pasting what was written in Der Spiegel’s post, finding proper news references is all the more difficult.

A little bit of help? Was anyone there? Does anyone know of this ‘Atlantic-Bridge?’  Is it a group, is it an organization, is it an actual bridge, is it an orthodontia clinic, is it an event, is it a knitting circle? Who knows?  The author doesn’t explain.

It’s also worth noting that the ‘Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was introduced on May 18, 1977, by Senator Ted Kennedy and was signed into law by President Carter in 1978.’