Monthly Archives: August 2015

“ASK. That’s the first step of being a good ally.’

igotyouI think when we’re complaining about ‘activists’ such as #alllivesmatter fretting about ACTUAL activists such as #blacklivesmatter, this is the best explanation you could ever hear or read about what an ally actually is.  And, it’s the best thing I’ve yet heard from ‘I am Cait.’  While everyone was focused on Caitlyn, this was lost in the shuffle:

“I have problems with the word ally. Many people think, ‘I accept you therefore I’m an ally’ … no you’re not. You’re an accepting person. An ally means you ask me what I need, I tell you and you tell me what or how much of that you can actually supply. If I say I need help getting through that crowd of people who think I’m a freak and I need you to be a ‘bodyguard,’ that would be an ally to me . And ASK , don’t assume you know.  Don’t assume that everybody’s big issue is gender free bathrooms . It’s not. And for some people it is the most pressing issue. ASK. that’s the first step of being a good ally.”  —Kate Bornstein

If you can’t be an actual ALLY, kindly escort yourself out of the conversation.