Strength on display


Sunday,  in the New York Daily News Voice of the People, a reader wrote:

“In regards to Kristen Visbal’s “Fearless Girl” statue and the heated debate on whether or not to keep it standing in front of Arturo Di Modica’s charging bull on Wall Street: While I am a feminist, and I will forever support anything that encourages the empowerment of girls, I sympathize with Di Modica. His sculpture was meant to symbolize the endless strength of the American people, the will to not give in to economic struggle, and the ability to endure and be steadfast against all obstacles. The newly added statue, while it symbolizes a powerful message, may now paint the bull in a negative light. The girl faces the bull, bravely and proudly staring it down in defiance. But the bull was never meant to be an object or entity to be defied. People are beginning to view it as the oppressive majority, while the girl is being viewed as the protagonist minority, never giving in. To offer a compromise, I think that the girl should be turned around. If the girl were facing the same direction as the bull, the two would be viewed as standing together, strong against all struggles, whether they be economic downfall or systemic oppression, instead of facing each other in a sort of confrontation.”  Sophie Nevel

I actually had thought of that as well. Just as with the recent controversy over the Emmett Till painting, I am happy the discussion about art, culture and society is breached at all.  But, the girl and the bull could be expanded upon in so many ways.  This idea, despite my shoddy workmanship and lack of software to make it a pretty representation, seems like a good one.

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